Omayma A. Elkady*, Aymen Elsayed, Shimaa A. Abolkassem, Mai Essam, H. M. Yehia, Ahmed O. Abdel-Mawla, H. M. Zidan

In this work, three Cu-Fe composite samples are prepared by powder metallurgy technique. This alloy has a superior mechanical property makes it suitable for different engineering applications. The first sample, is the Cu-Fe reinforced with Pb, Sn, Si, Al, Zn and graphite as a lubricant material. The second sample is the Cu- Fe reinforced with only Pb, Sn & 10% BaSO4 which is another type of lubricants, the reinforcements of the third one is 7% BaSO4 with 1% CaCO3 & 5%SiC. All the three samples are prepared by mechanical alloying by 6 :1 ball to powder ratio & 300 rpm for 6 hrs milling time. Then, the mixed composite powders were compacted under 700 Mpa by a uniaxial press and sintered in a vacuum furnace at 950 oC for 90 min. Density and EDAX analysis were examined. The hardness, wear resistance & COF also estimated. The results indicated that sample contains 10% BaSO4 has the highest density & hardness with a homogenous microstructure & the lowest COF. While, the wear rate is the lowest for samples 1&3.

Keywords: Copper composites, BaSO4, Microstructure, Hardness, Wear rate, Lubricant materials.

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