Alain Bitton MD, PhD

In the era of robotic surgery, however, the quest for alternative medicine is once again a must. Herbal medicine, so decried by some, remains widely prescribed and recent and increasingly relevant studies recognize it as having a certain effec-tiveness. Indeed, natural, homeopathic and phytotherapeutic products meet a real need. Urology being a specialty which concerns more and more patients of a cer-tain age because of the longevity and the improvement of the quality of life, it is quite naturally that herbal medicine finds its place in the population of the third age that we must protect from the side effects of conventional treatments. Thus, due to ever-increasing pressure from the media as well as from patients, many doctors – including urologists – are resorting more and more frequently to the use of phyto-therapeutic substances. Especially since the imperatives of economy, which in no way spare the health sector, push professionals to prescribe effective, safe and inexpensive substances.

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