V. K. Balkhanov

Logging is a detailed study of the structure of the well incision by descent and ascent of a geophysical probe. It is often used to determine the electrical conductivity of terrestrial depths. To do this, the sides of the well deepen the electrodes, and they are fed into the depths of a constant electric current. However, if you use natural or artificial electromagnetic waves, it becomes possible to determine the dielectric permeability of terrestrial rocks at depth. To do this, the surface impedance is first measured on the surface of the earth, and then by measuring at a certain frequency of the electromagnetic field in the well hole, the electrical conductivity and dielectric permeability of terrestrial rocks are calculated by fairly simple formulas. Such measurements can be carried out by standard measuring systems, adding only a narrow frame with wire winding to measure the magnetic field.

Keywords: Carotazh, Impedance, Electromagnetic Field, Electrical Conductivity, Dielectric Permeability.

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