Victor Christianto

In this paper, we will discuss shortly a nonlinear cosmology model inspired by analogy between cosmology phenomena and low temperature physics, especially superfluid vortices dynamics. We described: (a) a nonlinear cosmology model based on Navier-Stokes turbulence equations, which then they are connected to superfluid turbulence, and (b) the superfluid turbulence can lead to superfluid quantized vortices, which can be viewed as large scale version of Bohr’s quantization rule, and (c) this superfluid quantized vortice interpretation of Bohr’s rule allow us to predict quantization of planetary orbits in solar system including new possible orbits beyond Pluto. This paper is intended as a retrospect of what happened after the publication of earlier papers, and also some related ideas we developed since that time. In the second section we also discuss a recent development in matter-creation hypothesis, by virtue of unmatter concept and its extension. It is our hope that the new proposed view will inspire younger physicists and cosmologists to develop more realistic nonlinear cosmology models. And although some of our predictions since 2004 have come to observed data, we also hope the ideas presented here can be further verified with observation data.

Keywords: nonlinear cosmology, Newtonian cosmology, vortex dynamics, superfluid turbulence, Navier-Stokes equations, Ermakov-type equation, unmatter, matter-creation.

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