Pourya Zarshenas

The drug delivery application of Porous metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) have been investigated due to their unique structures which are built of inorganic nodes and organic ligands. In present study, zsm-5-doxorubicin was successfully prepared by applied for delivery of 5-fluorouracil (doxorubicin). Using variety of analytical methods including FTIR, FESEM, EDS, and the prepared nanostructure was characterized. Results revealed the placement of the drug in zeolite is well done and also the in vitro loading and releasing studies, for doxorubicin was evaluated. In addition, based on the in vitro cytotoxicity results, zsm-5-5Fu was able to increase cytotoxicity compared to that of doxorubicin on HT-29 cancerous cells indicating the highlighted role of this drug delivery system.

Keywords : zsm-5, zeolite, drug delivery, doxorubicin, Cytotoxicity, ZSM-5-doxorubicin

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