Mini Review Article
A Brief Overview of Medical Management Options in Peripheral Arterial Disease
Authors: Usman Sarwar MD1*, Ali Hussain MD2, Nikky Bardia MD1, Muhammad Nadeem MD3 and Hassan Tahir MD4
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Case Report
All that Glitters is not Gold: Pulmonary Artery Spindle Cell Sarcoma Masquerading as Supravalvular Pulmonary Stenosis
Authors: Karthik Ananthasubramaniam MD FACC1*, Ashraf Saleh MD2, Marvin Eng MD2 Aadhith Karthikeyan3, Firas Yazigi MD4, Themistokles Chamogeorgakis MD5, Chad Stone MD4 and Kyle Perry MD6
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Research Article
Vasoprotective Effects of Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Cerebral Ischemia
Authors: Bon L.I, Maksimovich N.Yе
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Case Report
Thiazide Diuretics Induced Refractory Hyponatremia: Use of Vaptans
Authors: Hassam Ali MD1*, Washma Amir MD2 and Shiza Sarfraz MD3
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Review Article
Role of Adipocyte Impairment in Heart Failure Induction in Subjects that are Obese along with Prediabetes and Overt Diabetes Mellitus – A Systematic Review
Authors: Kulvinder Kochar Kaur M.D1*, Gautam Allahbadia M.D(Obstt&Gynae) D.N.B2, Mandeep Singh M.D.DM.(Std) (Neurology)3
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