Chemistry plays a major role in materials science because it gives information about the structure and formation of materials. The research on materials chemistry at present is based on the new materials using chemicals and insufficient natural resources. Materials science has great impact knowledge to relation between structure of matter at atomic and microscopic properties of materials. It involves the applications from a number of scientific disciplines that accord to the creation of new materials.

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Analytical chemistry
Advanced Materials
Applied Materials
Analytical Techniques and Instrumentation in Materials
Acoustic Metamaterials
Bio Chemistry
Biomedical Materials
Catalytic Science
Composite Materials
Crystalline Materials Chemistry
Cosmetic Materials Chemistry
Computational Materials Science
Ceramic Materials
Carbon Nanotubes
Electro Chemistry
Energy Materials
Electronic Materials
Forensic Materials Chemistry
Graphene Materials
Inorganic Chemistry
Industrial Chemistry
Materials Science and Engineering
Materials Chemistry in Developing Areas
Macro materials

Materials Nanotechnology
Mining And Metallurgy
Materials Synthesis
Materials Chemistry And Physics
Macromolecular Materials Chemistry
Novel Materials Chemistry
Nano materials
Nano Structures
Organic Chemistry
Physical chemistry
Polymeric Materials
Polymer Chemistry
Prototype Materials
Polymer Science
Petro Materials
Pharmaceutical Materials Chemistry
Photonic Materials
Rubber Chemistry And Technology
Redox Reactions Of Materials
Solid State Chemistry
Chemical Engineering and Technology
Solid State Chemistry
Surface Chemistry Organic
Materials Chemistry
Synthetic Materials
Science and Technology of Advanced Materials
Two-dimensional (2D) Materials
3D Materials.