Ryspek Usubamatov1*, Dennis Allen2

The textbooks of engineering mechanics well described the term for the radial acceleration of the rotating objects with variable velocity about a fixed point. The known expressions for the radial acceleration do not have exact mathematical processing that yields vague results. Engineering computes the inertial forces as the product of the mass and acceleration that is a subject of an exact solution. The value of the inertial force reflects on the reliability and quality of the mechanism work. Analysis of analytical approaches for the modeling of the radial acceleration shows the mathematical processing can have different solutions. Mathematics is an exact science that should not give the duality in results. With several solutions, mathematical logic should base the final decision. This work considers correct mathematical processing for the radial accelerations of a rotating object about a fixed point that is the subject of mathematical physics.

Keywords : radial acceleration; rotating object; fixed point; centrifugal force; tangential velocity

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