Dr. Massimo Lombardi

The Author reports in this Article, how, after being affected by Chronic Glaucoma for 40 years, he could finally, through the consistency of the “Evidence Based Medicine”, find the causes of the Sickness and a local and general Cure “Effective and often Decisive” against it, with specific Omotoxicological-Organotherapeutic Chemistries.
Summary: The Author reports with this Article how, after having suffered a Chronic Glaucoma Disease himself (for 40 years), he found an Effective and “often” Resolving Cure with Local and General Therapy against Chronic Glaucoma with Homotoxicological and Organotherapeutic Drugs.
Epidemiology: A rough estimate is that Glaucoma affects about 80,000,000 patients worldwide by calculating the number of patients followed by the various (and not all connected) “Anti-Glaucoma Centers”
In my opinion, this value indicated by the O.M.S. only the “Tip of the Iceberg” and does not take into account Asia and Africa where only a few centers are connected with O.M.S. and furthermore in the Westernized World it is likely that there are patients not followed by the Centers but by hospital’ borrowed Eye’ Doctors and / or private Eye Doctors without counting “all those who suffer from it” but have not yet reached a “specific diagnosis” these considerations lead to an “only assumed Estimate” for a total of 600,000,000 patients and for many researchers also this Estimate appears largely approximate.

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