Lyamine Briki1*, Belkacem Benzeroual2 and Kamel Zidani3

This work is devoted to the study of the possibility of valorizing uncalcined barite for the manufacture of petroleum cement, thus minimizing CO2 emissions resulting from the decomposition of the carbonate during cooking.

We propose to study the effect of adding this ore on the CRS clinker. The samples are prepared by substitution of 10, 20 and 30% barite on the CRS clinker. The mixtures are hydrated and characterized by X-ray fluorescence.

Measuring the setting time of mortars, carried out by the Vicat device, shows that the start and end of setting are proportional to the addition of barite. The compressive strength of the mortars of the different mixtures, measured by the compression device, shows acceptable results with 10% barite.

Keywords: Clinker CRS, Barite, Mortar, Workability and Resistance.

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