Volume 3, Issue 2
Research Article
Enhancing Characterization of Reservoirs Within the Niger Delta Basin Using Integration of Seismic and Well Logs
Authors: Ndukwe Otobong Sunday, Godwin Jeremiah Udom and Charles Ugwu Ugwueze
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Research ArticleDOI : doi.org/10.47485/2766-2624.1022
Stimulation Effect of Rhizospheric Microbes’ Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria, Glycoprotein Producing AM Fungi and Synthetic Fertilizers Application on Growth, Yield, Nutrient’s acquisition and Alliin Content of Garlic Cultivation Under Field Conditions in Southeast Region of Rajasthan, India
Authors: Kamal Prasad
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Research ArticleDOI : doi.org/10.47485/2766-2624.1021
Solid Waste Management and Challenges under War Situation Case Study lataki City- Syria
Authors: Noama Shareef, Ahmad Wazzan
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