Evgeny Bryndin

The universe exists according to the law of natural balance. When the balance is disturbed locally, then the corresponding energy is activated and launches the natural technology for restoring the disturbed stability. Interdisciplinary research provides a more holistic view of the Universe. Relevant research at the current time is the construction of theory, identification and use of natural technologies. In the biosphere, as in each ecosystem subordinate to it, producers, consulates, detritophages and reducents interact with each other and with the environment. During this interaction, living organisms create a certain flow of substances and energy from some components of the system to others, which ensures the integrity and sustainable maintenance of life of the biosphere as a global ecosystem. That is, from various chemical elements and their compounds that support the life of individual species, a common (global) cycle of substances and energy is formed in the biosphere. Maintaining and preserving the cycle of substances and energy in the biosphere is prerequisite for preserving life of humanity. The strong influence of human activity on the cycles of the biosphere requires the formation of an ecological economy and industry.

Keywords: cycle matter and energy in biosphere, ecological economy and industry

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