Robert A. Sizov

The author’s research has shown that fundamental magnetic poles (magnetic charges) are real structural components of atoms and substance. It is the magnetic poles, and not the moving electric charges are the direct sources of all magnetic fields and magnetic manifestations in Nature. The main reasons that real magnetic charges were “buried alive” in modern theories are the physics of its confinement in substance which is radically different from the confinement of electrons, as well as the vicious electromagnetic theory (electric magnetism) of Maxwell (1873). The vicious ignoring of real magnetic charges, as well as true anti-electrons in physical science for almost 150 years is responsible for the appearance of such global theoretical delusions as the curvature of 4-dimensional space-time, explaining the nature of gravity, the global expansion of the Universe and the big bang. Annihilation of particles in the pairs particle – antiparticle and many, many others. The author’s experiments have shown that the gravitational field is the vortex electromagnetic field, and all varieties of Physical Mass (FM) are of the electromagnetic atom-figurative structures, which are capable of emitting gravitational field. The masses are, for example, atoms and nucleons. If magnetic charges are removed from the FM composition, then only electric particles will remain in this “place” which themselves, without the participation of magnetic poles, are not able to form either mass or gravitational field. All fundamental electric and magnetic particles are not and cannot become masses, and even “God particles” cannot change anything here. The notion the famous Higgs boson and its main purpose – to give mass to particles is of just a vicious theoretical fiction and a sad result of following erroneous electromagnetic concept of Maxwell. In addition, there is no division of Masses into gravitational and inert ones. The concepts of gravitational and inert mass refer to the same electromagnetic structure, called Mass, but they correspond to different processes of interaction of its gravitational field with other masses (so-called gravitational mass) and the environment (so-called inert mass). As for spinor particles, that is, charged particles, they have the property of inertia, however, this circumstance cannot bind these particles with of a real mass.

Keywords: Magnetic charges, Magnetons, Antimagnetons, True antielectrons, Magnetic dipoles, S-Gravitons, Gravitational field, Physical mass, field and boson of Higgs, “Particle of God”.

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