Nikolay Petrov Takuchev

A high negative correlation between the average Sun Spot Number in phase “rise” in the 11-year cycle of solar activity and the annual average Earth’s surface temperature was observed in the data from several meteorological stations – first in the temperature data from meteorological stations in Bulgaria, and then from many stations from Europe and the world. As solar activity has decreased over the last 70 years – the last few solar cycles up to the 24th number have had a monotonically decreasing number of sunspots – their negative correlation with temperature results in a rising surface air temperature. This increase is related to processes in the Sun’s magnetosphere and has nothing to do with the increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the surface atmosphere. The increasing concentration of greenhouse gases may be also a consequence of the processes taking place on the earth’s surface as a result of solar activity and is not a cause of the increasing temperature of the earth’s surface.

Keywords: Global warming, Climate change, 11-year solar cycle, temperature, satellite.

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