Vladislav Bogdanov

The design of composite and reinforced or armed materials is a requirement of the modern level of production and life. In previous works (Bogdanov, 2022; Bogdanov, 2022; Bogdanov, 2022; Bogdanov, 2022), the plane problems of non-stationary interaction of a bullet-type impactor with the upper surface of a composite reinforced two-layers base, which consists of an upper thin layer of steel and a lower main layer of glass, was investigated. It is of interest to study the question of how a composite material composed of several two-layers composite bases laid on top of each other and rigidly bonded to each other will behave. In this work, we study the non-stationary interaction of a striker and a four-layers composite material reinforced with two thin steel layers. The four-layers base is obtained from two identical two-layers bases rigidly linked to each other. Such a four-layer material along its lower surface is rigidly linked to an absolutely hard half-space. The main layers of the material consist of glass. The use of glass in composites is promising due to the fact that glass is a durable, cheap, widespread material that does not corrode, and its strength properties do not degrade as a result of aging, creep like other materials, especially metals. The problem of glass brittleness is overcome by hard contact between the layers. In this case, the tops of micro cracks, micro pores on the surfaces of glass and steel are immobilized and do not propagate into the layers. An absolutely solid impactor acts from above in the centre on a small area of initial contact. The problem of a plane strain state of a beam made from the composite reinforced four layers material is being solved. A technique for solving dynamic contact problems in a dynamic elastic-plastic mathematical formulation is used. To consider the physical nonlinearity of the deformation process, the method of successive approximations is used, which makes it possible to reduce the nonlinear problem to a solution of the sequences of linear problems.

Keywords : Plane, strain, stress, state, impact, composite, armed, reinforced, material, elastic-plastic, deformation.

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