Eyad Yacoub*, Noama Shareef1*, Saja Fathi AbuMwois*, Subhi Samhan*

The International Funds are a double edge sword and it has played a vital role in promoting the water industry and its strategic objectives. This study is directed towards assessing the role of the international funds in fulfilling the Palestinian Water Authority’s Strategic plan (2015-2017). In fact, to achieve this goal using data collection approaches through a quantitative survey and the qualitative approach. The data of the survey are analyzed using (SPSS 20) in terms of descriptive statistics followed by inferential statistics.

Our study aims at the administrative staff of municipalities and joint service councils in the West Bank, primarily from municipal cities of Jenin and Tubas. About 30 of the joint service council’s administration employees completed the questionnaire that was distributed. The survey filled with 96.7% males and 3.3% female, 60 % were from municipalities and 40% from joint service councils. Moreover, for the qualitative data the researcher used identification, examination, and interpretation of paradigms in textual data, reports and M&E documents of the Palestine water authority projects that were funded through the period 1997- 2017. The data showed that the total funds for the Palestinian water authority from 1997 to 2017 have reached (129, 1750 Million $). From those funds, the French agency has the highest contribution of funding the PWA programs by (256, 6908 Million $). The data also showed that the sanitation sector got the highest percentage from funds with 62%. The analysis also showed that there is a link between the international funds and the PWA strategic goals; it creates its strategic plan based on the Palestinian society’s needs and the international funds supporting these needs.

The research concludes the following results; the international fund’s policy dimension statistically contributes significantly to the model and has an impact on fulfilling the PWA strategic plan, also the analysis showed that fulfilling the PWA strategic plan by evolution dimension statistically contributes significantly to the model and effect on the international funds. Moreover, the result showed that there is a communication gap between PWA management and the utilities in its supporting so there is a lack of awareness from the target group for the role and policy of the PWA. Additionally, the lack of effort to establish external technical control and institutional participation, which is considered as an important process in the implementation of the strategic plan.
Keywords: Strategic plan, Strategic planning, International funds, Water supply, Capacity building, SWOT.