The study was conducted at Dilla University, in the laboratory of Biological sciences to see the effects of salinity on germination and early seedling.

Objectives:Background: It is estimated that the world 20% of farming land and 50% of cropland is salt stressed and salinity decreases the germination of seed, retards the growth of plant and so it reduces the yield of crop.

Objectives: The major objective of this research was to evaluate the effects of salinity on the germination and early seedling growth of bean plants. Specifically, to investigate salt tolerant efficiency, salt effect on seed germination and its rate and growth of bean plant at different concentration of NaCl.

Methodology: The experiment required 21 groups, of which 20 of them were experimental with different salt concentrations ranging from 0.05M to 1.00M with 0.05M difference and one control group. Each group contain three bean seed measuring its weight using electronic balance machine, sterilized with 70% Alcohol solution for 15 seconds, rinsed with distilled water, placed in separate Petri dish using a forceps, 50ml of solution were added to each Petri dish with different concentration, all Petri dishes were covered with lids and kept into incubator at room temperature for 17 days, germinated seed were counted, seedlings root and shoot length were measured using a ruler. Finally, the Bean was transferred to non-saline condition, weight of germinated Bean were measured to compare with their normal weight and to determine the effects of salt on seed weight, which was conducted in triplicates. All necessary data was taken, analyzed and interpreted in the form of percentage, graph, tables and figures.

Result: When the concentration of salt increased the Bean plant is extremely affected, germination rate decreased and the terminal weights of seed were become lower than the initial weight due to the absorption of water by seed.

Conclusions: The rate of germination decrease when the salt concentration increased and late growth of length of root and shoot when the salt dosage is highest and also the weights of seed reduced as concentration of salt is raised. Generally, as the concentration of salt is increased the Bean plant is extremely affected.

Keywords/Phrase: Early Seedling, Salinity Effect, Salt Concentration, Seed Germination.

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