Micro Black Holes Near the Earth’s Surface: Case Reports Explained

Article / Short Article

Florent Pirot

Independent Researcher, Valbonne, France

*Corresponding author :

Florent Pirot
Independent Researcher
Submitted : 14 December 2021 ; Published : 13 January 2022


UFO reports can in many cases be explained by tiny black holes (down antiquarks) floating in the atmosphere. The geomorphology of the locations where these are observed are the explaining factor. It helps to better understand the physics of black holes. Cases in Hessdalen, in Nuremberg, in Basel, in the Vallée des Merveilles and in Krasnoyarsk are surveyed and precisely explained.

Whereas black holes in the Earth’s atmosphere travel usually with matter around it – as fireballs, with 247Cm as a major component of that sphere of matter around – sometimes they can be seen directly flying near the Earth’s surface. This explains many « UFO reports ».

The major component of a black hole is the antigraviton, or down antiquark (Pirot, 2021), and it is attracted by other down antiquarks as well as by down quarks. Their attraction to down quarks is the basis of « gravity » as we know it. There is a black hole in the core of stars, planets and large moons. Supernovas simply reveal the black hole that already was there in the core of a large star. The chains of down antiquarks aggregate matter and their attraction to themselves create a plow effect as matter gets stuck along, as if in a spider’s web coated with glue drops the insects rolled into each other within the rolled web merged into heavier animals (as web strings stick to insects but also to other web strings). The compression effect comes from the transmission of the inner energy of the down antiquark to its larger environment through shock effects. Indeed its internal spin transmitted to the surrounding antigravitons creates on the long run, with all spins of all antigravitons a giant dancing lash (dancing antigraviton chain) that flies unconstantly and may lock to other antigravitons around. The giant dancing lash can also superpose to other dancing lashes to form a larger anti-object (a nascent black hole). Several lashes altogether are typically needed to have a beginning of compression, a cradle in which atoms are not only stuck but also merged into each other to form heavier atoms.

Dancing lashes can for instance be observed in Hessdalen in Norway. The « Hessdalen lights » are simply a byproduct of it. They typically happen when lashes attract groups of atoms and have focalised the attention of watchers. This phenomenon caught sometimes on camera (see below, image reference https://www.hiof.no slash iio/ing/english/research/groups/ atmosphere-physics/) shows precisely the phenomenon with the left of the chain attracted by itself and starting to squeeze matter, while the right part remains elongated. « Hessdalen un-lights » are in fact the daily truth of the phenomenon that is clearly and simply explained by the geographical peculiarities of the site. The Hessdalen area is located between higher peaks and has a very limited level of urban development. There is a mass of gravitons to each side at higher levels – because higher peaks surround the area. The minimal urban development limits the pulldown effect. Hence antigraviton chains here remain usually suspended. The chains are of a low size but find an equilibrium there. The name « S-dalen » suggests the phenomenon was noticed by the first inhabitants. The use of the north-west CCD camera provided by hessdalen.org allowed to see a number of giant dancing lashes, black lashes longing along the mountain and sometimes spinning in a swastika-like pattern. The darker rays moved fast but could be screenshoted.

In this example some chains have been underlined by circling them in red. Other chains are present inbetween and as well elsewhere on the larger picture (in its far right for instance).
This phenomenon is identical to what has been described above Nuremberg in 1561 : tubular objects, spears, crosses, crescents moving eratically in the sky. It is of an identical nature. Nuremberg was a growing city thanks to the Hanseatic trade and the Renaissance. It is located on a flat inbetween hills. Some down antiquarks can hence get attracted above and stay afloat.

The geology of the Vallée des Merveilles in south-eastern France also suggests it is the best explanation for the « Sorcier » (Warlock) engraving, that shares similarities with the pattern circled in red in the most to the left case above and even more with the « A » on the top right (underlined in blue in the next image). Simply staying in that valley inbetween very tall mountains allowed to see the apparition of such a pattern.

A lone case of actual black hole impact has been observed in 2020 in Krasnoyarsk in Russia. The laws of physics that have been detailed in (Pirot, 2019) apply. The micro black hole glowing in blue went through a large housing building before crashing in the Karl Marx street where it left a hole, carrying behind it a plume of rumble creating a plume similar to what is described in 1561 in Nuremberg. The geology under Krasnoyark is dense and creates an appeal to antigravitons – usually in a fireball. But here the micro black hole came raw and was caught thanks to a CCTV.

The density of development inherited from the Soviet Union is a beacon of attraction for antigravitons and it is obviously maximized around a Karl Marx street. This is why it happened there. In Nuremberg in 1561 a small plume is described on a side. « they all, as said above, fell from the sun down upon the earth ‘as if they all burned’ and they then wasted away on the earth with immense smoke. After all this there was something like a black spear, very long and thick, sighted; the shaft pointed to the east, the point pointed west. ». The east-west alignment is entirely consistent with the main lines of hills around the city of Nuremberg. The existing drawing suggests an impact around a subgroup of large farms and chapels around fields outside Nuremberg. Wealth accumulates (gold for instance) can simply explain the phenomenon. Nuremberg was a Free Imperial City known for its wealth and nobility. This is why a black hole impacted the soil nearby. In Basel in Switzerland where black spheres were also reported (tiny antigraviton chains having fully locked to one end to another forming micro black holes) in 1566, the absence of extractive development, i.e. absence of any imperialist policy or collective tendency to plundering the wealth of others in general, meant that the black holes stayed in the sky and did not impact the area.

In conclusion, the observed cases refine our understanding of black holes to achieve a comprehension finely tuned with the reality of that antimatter. The phenomena are observed thanks to particular alignments with mountains around that allow the suspension of small chains of down antiquarks together with sometimes accretion of light ; that light is what has allowed the most notorious cases to attract collective attention (as opposed to the entirely obscure nature of the chains of antigravitons themselves) yet it is also obvious that the aurora borealis phenomena are similarly guided, at a high altitude, by such antigraviton chains.

Down antiquarks can be generated under intense pressures and temperatures, when an appropriate spin is imprinted to particles in a plasma bath. Atomic explosions were already expected to create temporary black holes by Los Alamos scientists in the end of the 1950s. To give a recent example, a secret nuclear test involving an Indian Agni-5 missile in Azerbaijan on July 4th, 2021 caused the formation of an antigraviton chain that was catapulted by the energy of that nuclear explosion through the path of the missile to southern India – mountains of Tamil Nadu are of a limited height but the antigraviton chain in suspension between the mountains could stay in equilibrium until the Gen. Bipin Rawat and his close associates went in an helicopter tour of the area, and the antigraviton chain destabilized the helicopter, causing the deadly crash.

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