Adeoti, O. A1*, Alabi, A.O1, Azeez, L.A., Elutilo, O.O1 and Adegoke, O.A2

The research was designed to ascertain the potential of cocoa flour inclusion in bread made from wheat-maize-acha composite flours. The cocoa flour was incorporated into the composite flour at 10, 15 and 20 % level and its proximate, physical and sensory properties were determined using standard methods. Fat and protein contents of the flour ranged from 7.89 to 10.57 % and 10.01 to 12.73 % while the fiber and ash contents were 2.01 to 2.75 % and 1.25 to 1.69 %. The bread has the fat and protein contents of 7.50 to 9.89 % and 9.45 to 10.83 %. The fiber content of the bread ranged from 2.90 to 3.86 %. The bulk density and foaming capacity of the flour ranged from 0.56 to 0.88 g/ml and 3.55 to 6.85 % while the water and oil absorption capacity were 2.15 to 2.75 g/ml and 2.18 to 3.10 g/ml. The loaf weight and loaf volume ranged from 112.98 to 312.55 g and 400.00 to 470.00 cm3. The specific volume of the bread was 1.28 to 3.79 cm3/g. W60M20C20 showed the highest organoleptic scores among the bread samples. Conclusively, the samples may be used in formulating functional bread with high nutrient content for human consumption.

Keywords: Cocoa, bread, proximate, sensory properties, functional

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