Journal of Nutrition Food Science and Technology is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal. That documents the advancements in food science, nutritional research, and technologies. The journal is a valuable asset to educate the individuals, groups, and organizations about advanced food research practices and various other aspects of food science and nutrition.

The journal encourages public health by highlighting the significance of food nutrition and food science. It analyzes the ongoing research in the field of nutritional food science and technology.

The journal covers several key aspects of human nutrition. It includes researches on fermentation in food processing, nutritional immunology, nutrition and disease management, food safety and regulation, food packing and storage, healthy nutrition, food engineering, and technologies.

Food Science and Technologies

Food science is the study of enhancing the agricultural output, whereas food technology is about applying them practically. And it includes agriculture, biology, and engineering services to implement the required safe food supply, which provides adequate nutrition to the people.

Food science and technology experts explore the new food sources, learns multiple ways to secure processed food, estimates the protein and fat level in nutrition, and develop various methods for processing, preserving, and distributing food.

Food Engineering

The food engineering consists of multiple disciplinary fields like applied physical science, microbiology, chemistry, and various other food engineering related industries. It informs about the engineering properties of foods, food physics, and physical chemistry like processing, measurements, packing, distribution, and storage. It also tells about the various aspects of the design and production of novel foods, food services, economic of food engineering, and various other food process operations.

Nutrition and Diseases Management

Nutrition plays an essential role in treating certain diseases. Nutrition and disease management provides information regarding parenteral and enteral nutrition. It informs about a wide range of conditions like infectious diseases, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal diseases, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. It also provides data on nutritional food science’s impact on weakness, aging, post-surgery care, and oncology treatments.

Mass Spectrometry in Nutrition Food Science and Technology

Mass spectrometry is a powerful tool utilized for analyzing the small molecules even with the isotope difference. It is extensively used in food biotechnology, toxicology, and food engineering. Mass spectrometry ionizes the chemical components to generate charged molecules or molecular fragments. It also is utilized for measuring the mass-to-charge ratios in food science and technologies.

The nutrition food science and technology journal offers scientists and learners a platform to support, share, and discuss new concerns and developments in the field of nutritional food science and technology. The journal will consider the submissions of quality papers describing the results of applied research in the field of food and nutritional technology.

The journal accepts the original research papers, case reports, review articles, short communications, opinions, mini-review for the current and future research about nutritional food science and technology. It includes a wide range of fields in its research area to develop a platform for the authors and researchers to contribute towards the journal.

Authors are requested to submit manuscripts as an e-mail attachment to the Editorial Office at or you can submit articles online