Volume 5, Issue 2
Review ArticleDOI : doi.org/10.47485/2834-7854.1041
The Body’s Energy Requirement; General Considerations
Authors: Mihai-Darius CERNESCU, Monica BUTNARIU*
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Review ArticleDOI : doi.org/10.47485/2834-7854.1040
A Future for Ultra-Low Volume Application of Biological and Selected Chemical Pesticides
Authors: Graham Matthews
Case StudyDOI : doi.org/10.47485/2834-7854.1039
Determination of Optimum Conditions of pH and Temperature on the Saccharification of Cassava Starch by Amyloglucosidase
Authors: George Ifeoluwa Pele1, Esther Oluyinka Oladiti2 and Amadu Kayode Salau3
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