Richter J, Vetvicka V, Richterova S, and Král V

Actual pandemic state of covid-19 infection leads to considerations of the quality of the state of immune system in population and to possible changes of this unfavorable state. In this review, the authors discuss the possibilities of nutritional changes, as the quality of nutrition in global sense is completely unsatisfactory. We assume that optimal supplementation with minerals and vitamins forms the basis for development of adequate immune responses not only to Covid-19 infection, but also to other bacterial and viral infections. It is necessary, however, to use optimal doses of supplements, as either too low or too high dose might decide between the use of a medicine or a poison. We conclude that the major responsibility for optimal approach to supplements lies not only with health professionals, but with the society. It is necessary to repeatedly offer quality information on neglected components influencing the health of the population, including stress, microbiome, adequate physical and psychical strain, and/or optimal diet. Beta glucans and their immunomodulatory activity helps not only in prevention of the whole spectrum of diseases connected with the immune system, but also in treatment of infectious diseases.

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