Apni Tristia Umiarti, Made Wirapartha, GAM Kristina Dewi* and Kartika Wardani

The study aims to find out the physical and microbiological quality of broiler chicken meat marketed in Lapak in Denpasar, Bali Province. Broiler chicken meat is a perishable food ingredient, in the community postharvest handling broiler chicken meat gets less attention from farmers and broiler collectors for will be marketed. Conditions in which the place used in carrying, transporting live chickens and used for selling broiler chicken meat in roadside stalls, knives for cutting, cutting boards (sliced boards), washcloths (napkins) are used by traders, so that a lot of losses are caused postharvest handling, especially broiler chicken meat. Research will be carried out for 3 months, with the target of producing broiler chicken meat with good quality and nutritional and microbiological content according to SNI marketed by sellers in Lapak in Denpasar City, in order to reduce damage to animal feed ingredients (meat broiler which is ASUH) so that consumers become healthy. The method used in this study is a Completely Randomized Design (CRD) with the treatment of 4 treatments of broiler chicken meat sold in Lapak in Denpasar City (RU = North Denpasar, RT = East Denpasar, RS = South Denpasar and RB = West Denpasar) with 5 replications and each replication consisted of 5 broiler chickens. The variables observed were broiler chicken carcasses, physical properties of chicken meat (commercial cuts, and the chemical quality of meat (protein, fat, cholesterol) and the microbial content (TPC) marketed. obtained. Research result had a not significantly different (P>0.05) on carcass weight, percentage carcass, and meet microba of broiler. From this study, it can be concluded that the carcass production of broiler chickens sold in Lapak in Denpasar North, Denpasar, Timur, Denpasar Barat and Denpasar Selatan had no effect on the weight of the cut, carcass fracture of the back, wing, and percentage of broiler chicken fracture.

Keywords: Broiler chicken meat, physical quality, stall, healthy

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