Research Article
Evaluations of the Physical Characteristics and Proximate Composition of Some Indigenous assertions of rice in North- Central Nigeria
Authors: Elizabeth Ugbede Ohuoba1*, Yusuf Rashidat Oluwafunmilayo1, Onwuchekwa Amarachi Ihedinachi2 and Ernest Eguono Emorjorho2
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Review Article
Probiotics as a Food Supplement: What are they and how do they Work?
Authors: Julián Fernando Oviedo-León1, Jorge Yáñez Fernández2, Humberto Hernández-Sánchez1 and Diana C. Castro-Rodríguez3*
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Seasonal Variations in Heavy Metal Content of Periwinkle Samples obtained from Oil Producing Communities within Bayelsa State, Nigeria
Authors: Daworiye, P.S.1*, Braide, W2 and Gbeghebo, A.J.1
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