George Ifeoluwa Pele1, Esther Oluyinka Oladiti2 and Amadu Kayode Salau3

Saccharification is the process of breaking complex carbohydrate into its monosaccharide components. The present study however was carried out to determine the optimum conditions of pH and temperature on the saccharification of cassava starch by amyloglucosidase. The optimum conditions of cassava starch hydrolysis was determined by using a pure culture of a thermostable amyloglucosidase for saccharification, and the activities of the enzyme determined at varying pH, temperature and time. Results showed that sample dry weight significantly decreased with respect to increased value of pH, temperature and time, while reducing sugar and dextrose equivalent significantly increased with respect to increased time. The optimal reducing sugar and dextrose equivalent were 74.23% and 96.41 DE, respectively at pH 4.5, 55 °C and 72 h. The glucose obtained from this process may serve as a substrate in fructose syrup production.

Keywords: Amyloglucosidase, Cassava Starch, Dextrose Equivalent, Reducing Sugar.

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