Volume 3, Issue 3
Research ArticleDOI : doi.org/10.47485/2832-9384.1038
In-vitro Antihypertensive, Antifungal and Antioxidant properties of Green Synthesized Gold Nanoparticles from Strophantus hispidus leaf aqueous extract
Authors: Oladipo I.C.1*, Adewole K. H.1 and Ogunsona S. B.1
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Research ArticleDOI : doi.org/10.47485/2832-9384.1037
Innovations in Recycling Technologies to Create Food-Grade Recycled Polyolefins from Post Consumer Plastics
Authors: Edward Kosior1*, Paul Marshall1*
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Research ArticleDOI : doi.org/10.47485/2832-9384.1036
Implicatons of Metal Complexes in Biology and Medicine the System Cadmium (II)/ Iron (II)/ Zinc (II)-Hydroxyproline
Authors: Brij Bhushan Tewari
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Research ArticleDOI : doi.org/10.47485/2832-9384.1035
3D Thermal Study of Double Partition Brick Drying
Authors: Rzig Ramzi1*, Minyar Mnakri2 and Nidhal Ben Khedher3
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Research ArticleDOI : doi.org/10.47485/2832-9384.1034
Plane Strain State of Composite Material Reinforced by Two Rows of Crystalline Fibres in Dynamic Elastic-Plastic Formulation
Authors: Vladislav Bogdanov
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