Editorial ArticleDOI : doi.org/10.47485/2766-2624.1007
Impacts of Climate Change on the Agricultural Environment
Authors: Daniele de Wrachien
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Research ArticleDOI : doi.org/10.47485/2766-2624.1006
Cashew Production as a Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Tool for Agriculture
Authors: Victor Adjei, Mawusi Adzo Alormu
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Research ArticleDOI : doi.org/10.47485/2766-2624.1005
Canghe of Fertility Soils on a Background of Changes of a Climate
Authors: Budnik S.V.
Research ArticleDOI : doi.org/10.47485/2766-2624.1004
The Salinity Effects on Germination and Early Seedling Growth of Bean Plants (Bean Phaseolus)
Authors: Firew Admasu Hailu and Ahmedin Jeylan
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Research ArticleDOI : doi.org/10.47485/2766-2624.1003
Disaster Management in Nepalese Context: An Ecological Perspective
Authors: Kabi Prasad Pokhrel
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Research ArticleDOI : doi.org/10.47485/2766-2624.1002
Anomalous Concentration of Uranium in Groundwater in Parts of Salem District, Central Tamil Nadu, India
Authors: Muthamilselvan A
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Review ArticleDOI : doi.org/10.47485/2766-2624.1001
Ozone Depletion and Global Environment
Authors: Swapnila Roy
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